Lyndsay Whitlock

"Lyndsay was fantastic! Though we weren't her only clients she made us feel like we were. We would love to have her help again with our next home purchase." - Skylar

Before moving to Colorado and starting my career in Real Estate, I lived in Vegas and did wedding design, planning and floral design. I moved to Colorado with my husband who was born and raised and longed to get back home for many years. I have moved several times in my life, but Colorado was something special and I instantly fell in love with the culture, beauty and people.

I got into real estate because I loved helping people, wanted to make a difference and help people grow. I am honored every day with the knowledge
that I help people and their families build a future and their investments.

Besides my passion for real estate, I love to write and am in the process of publishing several science fiction books. I love art, nature, astronomy and
animals. I have two fur babies who mean the world to me and a little hamster I just adore. I enjoy boxing and have completed several half marathons and strive to get to run the full 26 miles soon.

Whitlock Real Estate, LLC BBB Business Review

Kim M.

I am so excited to have had Lyndsay listing my condo. She listed it and within 48 hours, it was under contract. A cash borrower closed in two weeks. Lyndsay excels in her negotiation skills and greatly benefited our bottom line. I would highly recommend her if you are buying or selling. She has your best interests covered. Thanks so much, Lyndsay!

Vicki and Ed B.

Lyndsay is a strong, solid agent who would be a good choice for anyone looking to list or purchase property in the Northern Colorado area.

Penny T.

My 8z Realtor did everything they said they would and more - a person of the highest integrity. More than qualified, they were delightful to work with and always had a shining smile and attitude.

5 stars - Highly likely to recommend

Sold a Single Family home in 2017 for approximately $325K in Red Feather Lakes, CO.

I cannot say enough about how easy it was from my perspective to sell this house because of Lyndsay's service.

Lets go through a few of the obstacles I presented to her when we spoke the first time....

1. This house was in foreclosure. The details as to why are not worth going into but my own house was in trouble too and I needed this sale to happen before the sale date for both properties. She gave straightforward answers about how to get from where I was to where I needed to be. She approached this need not by telling me how impossible it would be to resolve but by attempting to reassure me that with some work it could and would be done. This made a ton more work for her which she performed without issue.

2. I was working in Florida at the time of the sale and could not return to find contractors to perform the various types of work needed to make the house easy to sell. No problem, she took a tremendous amount of time out of her personal life to shepherd this part as well. All the extra things needed to complete a sale with one party not being present were completed seamlessly.

3. It was a full log home. This might at first seem like it would make the sale easier but in fact it reduces the potential pool of buyers to a fraction of the total number of buyers. Her expertise regarding this type of structure was also very apparent to me. She knew just what the buyers of these types of homes were looking for and was primarily responsible for making the house look right for the buyers.

4. The home was in a very rural location. The nearest population of any significant size was about 1.5 hours away. There aren't an infinite number of people looking for homes this far away. This coupled with the fact that I wasn't there meant that she made numerous trips up and down the mountain, in all kinds of weather and never complained once. That was amazing!

5. My mother passed during this process. It just shut me down for a period of a few weeks and this caused an even greater amount work to be placed on her shoulders. I just couldn't deal with things but the process continued on without even one hiccup, not because it normally would but because she made sure it did. This was a kindness that isn't found much anymore. I don't think I could have made it to the end without her handling the practicalities the way she did.

In short, she didn't just sell a house for me..... She helped me get through one of the most complex, difficult and emotionally tough times I've ever faced by being always available, always attentive to the ultimate goal, profoundly knowledgeable and showing a rare kindness than what is usually found these days.

She loves her work, she excels at her work and isn't afraid of hard work. Why would you settle for less when looking for someone to help you buy or sell? You shouldn't is the answer.

Review by: weldcerts

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